OSUSU Vol:1 - Music Making

This film documents the experiences of three groups of musicians, British, Sierra Leoneon and Icelandic as they came together for the first time to meet and exchange ideas in 2018.


Language and cultural differences were no barrier to the creative flow with the group writing and producing over 20 songs in just three days. Irish-Sierra Leonean singer Loah says: “It was pretty astounding how well, how fruitfully and how productively we were all able to work together”. Nigerian-Sierra Leonean drummer Emmanuel agrees: “I found out that everybody who took part of the project understood one language, which is the music.”


A poetic ode to the beauty of Sierra Leone, this film depicts how the experience for many was marked by a sense of collaboration and togetherness. Icelandic artist Cell7 reflects: “Even though we didn’t always understand each other, we were always in agreement and celebrated the music we made together. My music has benefitted from this process and continues to be inspired by the creative spirit of the Osusu project.”

Director - Balan Evans

Producer - Lucie Massey

Musicians -

Daniel Bangura

Emmanuel Edwards

Fantacee Wiz

Solo Beats


Mohamed Koroma



Mark Crown


Ragnar Kjartansdottir

Samuel Jon Samuelsson

Arnoljotur Sigurosson

Nabihah Iqbal

Logi Pedro

Brother Portrait



Sam Wheat

Thanks to - 

The Aurora Foundation

The British Council

Cuppa Gumbo